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Bride and Groom's First Dance

"I'll Take Care of You"

Artist Steven Curtis Chapman - from his album All About Love

(Song hyperlink -allow approx. 2-3 min. for download)


The Wedding of the Century

One day a crowd gathered at South Vineland United Methodist Church

The groom arrived and for the bride did search

The parade of attendants brought a huge grin

The long awaited wedding is about to begin.


Guests coming late scurried to their seats

Fortunately stepping lightly on others feet

The Godparents and Cousin enter with a rush

Instead of the usual wedding hush.


Balloon bouquets were on the altar instead of flowers

Breaths were held for what seemed like hours

Love and music fill the air

As Pastor Felix prepares to wed the pair.


And now the bride is about to arrive

The guests in the pews give a high five

Stand and turn to greet the lovely blushing bride

There's no time for Joe to hide.


The time has come for Joe and Abbie to be wed

Without further ado, the vows are said

The rings are exchanged, now they are a pair

From everywhere, wedding bubbles fly into the air.


The church bells ring as the music plays

For Joe and Abbie have their day

Listening to "xxx", the guests stand tall

For the long awaited pronouncement of "'Mr. and Mrs.Cook"

author... Joyce Mueller-Banner - Bride's Aunt and Godmother